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MBA Admissions with Umbrellas


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Umbrellas can provide shade for dining tables and picnic spots or cover buffets, food stations, bars from sun, tree droppings, etc. Umbrellas can be less expensive than tents or canopies and can be placed in those "hard-to-get-to" locations.

Request an Umbrella to make your own shade

We recommend you consider...

  • Tables size vs. umbrella size
  • Food service needs
  • Time of day; sun location
  • Types of chairs
  • Linens must have holes, also called "garden rounds"
  • Weather: These umbrellas are not suitable for rain coverage.




9 foot diameter Market Umbrella

9 foot diameter Market Umbrella - Off-white cloth (can be placed in a 60 inch round or 72 inch round table or freestanding in wrought-iron stand)


11 foot diameter Market Umbrella

11 foot diameter Market Umbrella - Off-white cloth (Freestanding in wrought-iron stand - cannot be placed in a table)


umbrella base

Umbrella Base- if needed to hold a flag or a sign