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Audio equipment is a fundamental concern for every event. Components to consider: Will your guests hear the presenters? Will the presenters hear the guests? Will your recording or streaming of the event sound good?

Understanding our audio equipment and services

We recommend you consider...

  • Event venue, including whether inside or out
  • Audience size
  • Single or multiple presenters and audience participation
  • Use of video projection systems
  • CD/DVD, Laptop audio
  • Podcasting, live streaming, archival
  • Sound Systems for up to 300 People: Depending on the venue and size of your audience the small, medium or large Sound Systems will provide effective sound coverage. Additional equipment and services are available that may enhance your audience's experience, such as wireless microphones, recording of your event or assisted listening devices.
  • Planning Assistance: We can help with these choices. Prepare your service request and ask for an event manager to contact you.
  • Large Outdoor Events - Over 300 People: We have the equipment and expertise to provide sound for concerts with large crowds and for events in larger facilities.

Sound Systems

Our sound systems are designed to accommodate your event's attendance and size. On-site technician rates are additional to the prices listed below.

The following systems include speakers, wired microphone,  Direct Input Box (to play music with iPhone, iPod, MP3 player or computer), mic stand, power strip and AV Cart.


Rate per Day

small sound system


Small - Delivers sound for 75-100 people. Includes 2 small speakers and 1 wired microphone.



medium sound system


Medium - Delivers sound for 100-200 people. Includes 2 medium speakers and 1 wired microphone.



large sound system


Large - Delivers sound for 200-300 people. Includes 4 medium speakers and 1 wired microphone.




Additional Wired Microphone  - Lavalier, Standing or Table


wireless mic

Wireless Microphone - Handheld or Lavalier


We have additional solutions available for events with attendance greater than 300 people.

Media Technician Information

Our media technicians prepare, deliver, set-up, operate, troubleshoot, disassemble and return all of the necessary sound equipment to our on-campus warehouse.
Hiring a media technician to stay on-site for the duration of an event to monitor and operate the sound equipment is recommended. This is not required, but if you choose not hire a media technician, operation and troubleshooting of the equipment becomes your responsibility. There are some venues that require a media technician. (e.g., most auditoria). We may also require a media technician for more complex events to ensure a quality production.  For staffing rates, please see our rates page.

Microphones and Stands


Rate per Day

wired mic

Microphone (Wired) - Lavalier, Standing, Lectern or Table


Studio Mic

Studio Microphone - High-end microphone for specialized applications (wired)


wireless mic

Wireless Microphone - Handheld or Lavalier – (Requires a Sound System)



Floor Stand for Microphone - Adjustable height (3 to 5 feet) and freestanding


tabletop mic stand

Tabletop Mic Stand - Mic rented separately



Microphone Boom - 2-sections for floor stand


Mixers and Mixer-Amplifiers  



Rate per Day

6 channel mixer
6 Channel Mixer - Shure M267 Mixer - 4 XLR mic/line in and 1 XLR out or Shure M367 Portable Mixer - 6 XLR mic/line in and 2 XLR out


16 channel mixer
16 Channel Mixer - Allen & Heath WZ3:16:2



24 Channel Mixer - Allen & Heath GL2400 - 24 XLR mic in and stereo out


48 channel mixer
48 Channel Digital Mixer - Yamaha M7CL-48ES - 48 Channel digital live-sound console 



6 Channel Mix-Amp - built-in EQ and effects



12 Channel Mix-Amp - Yamaha EMX5000-12 - 2 x 500 watt stereo, 8 XLR mic in, 4 line in and 32 effects





Rate per Day


100 watt speakers



200 watt speakers - Most commonly for over 200 people. Requires separate amplifier, mixer and power


1000 watt powered speaker
1000 watt speakers - Self-powered QSC K8



Melodie Array - Large venue speakers


  Meyer Subwoofer


speaker stand
Ultimate Speaker Stand


Audio Recorder/Player


Rate per Day

CD Recorder/Player - One audio input and records CD+R


Flash Recorder - Built-in omni-directional mic or two mic in. MP3, MP2, WAV and BWF compatible


Miscellaneous Audio Accessories


Rate per Day

press pool
Press Audio Pool - 2 in and 16 out


direct input box
Direct Input Box - Line to mic level converter, necessary to interface non-professional audio equipment (iPod, mp3 player, computer) to professional sound equipment


assistive listening device
Assistive Listening Device - 12 headsets and requires a sound system mixer


speaker timer
Speaker Timer - A small countdown timer which includes green/yellow/red lights so a presenter is aware of their speaking length. Suitable to sit on top of a lectern near the presenter.


large speaker timer
Large Speaker Timer - A large LED countdown timer which includes green/yellow/red indicator lights so a presenter is aware of their speaking length. Suitable for placement on the ground/further away from the presenter


Audio Duplication

Price includes duplication labor, media and case. Media technician rate will be charged for the time it takes to transfer from other media sources, editing or labelling.

CD Duplication - Price per copy


CD Duplication - Price per copy for 100+ copies